Alyson Stoner Reveals Missy Elliott Dance Tribute

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Alyson Stoner, who got her start in the industry alongside Missy Elliott in her “Work It” music video, posted a Missy Elliott Tribute on her YouTube channel in the wake of Elliott’s Super Bowl Performance. In the video Stoner is joined by a troupe of young dancers in an abandoned warehouse-turned-dance studio. The group works their way through several of Missy Elliott’s biggest hits including “Work It,” “Gossip Folks,” and “I’m Really Hot,” while dressed in monochromatic sweat suits or similar athletic wear. Kenya Clay, one of the young dancers, plays the role of the rapper, writer, and producer and another, Tati McQuay, performs alongside Alyson Stoner to recreate the scenes from Stoner’s debut in “Work It.” The video, which was directed and shot by Tim Milgram, is energetic and pays tribute to the musician’s extensive discography as well as her bold brand.  

After the video comes to a close, Alyson dedicated the Missy Elliott Tribute to Missy Elliott, saying “thank you so much for the opportunity to dance for you” before directing viewers towards her own ventures into music, including her first original music video for her 2013 single “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted).” Stoner has also featured her vocals to other high profile covers including a duet with Tyler Ward on Jennifer Lawrence’s “The Hanging Tree” (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part One). Instead of simply covering the track, the duo chose to “write around the chorus,” effectively reimagining the track in an entirely new manner. She has also released a cover of The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” with Max Schneider. Since the video’s release, Missy Elliott has taken to Twitter to publicly thank the younger musician for her tribute, claiming “I teared up I remember y’all…being hard workers as kids.”

After her high profile assist to Katy Perry during the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, Missy Elliott has experienced a resurgence on the charts and in the news. Although she hasn’t released an album since her 2005 The Cookbook, Missy Elliott‘s sales increased by 282% post performance. Undoubtedly in an effort to capitalize on the attention, Missy Elliot has made her return to the recording studio to work on releasing new material in the near future. The musician announced that she wouldn’t be in attendance at this year’s Grammy Awards due to the fact that she would be in the studio working with frequent collaborator Timbaland. There is no official release planned, but it is safe to assume that something is in the works.