Imagine Dragons Discusses Coping with Depression

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Imagine Dragons has over two million albums sold in the United States, they are certified platinum in twelve different countries, won an American Music Award, as well as a Grammy, five Billboard Music Awards, and a World Music Award. They were also nominated for fourteen different Billboard Music Awards, and have a new album to be released later this week. Yet despite all of that, one of the most successful bands in the world over faces the same internal battle that plagues many of their millions of followers.

The hit rock bands lead singer, songwriter, and founder Dan Reynolds, discuss the issues of having it all, yet feeling empty inside. “It’s lonely when your life changes like this,” he’s quoted, “I’ve lost all my friends. It’s not like we had some blowout arguments or that I feel I’m too cool; the relationships feel false. Anytime I’m talking to someone, I feel they’re just thinking about Imagine Dragons.” Reynolds went on to explain he feels trapped inside, as well as his need to discuss his issues with a therapist.

The Mormon rock singer says he feels constantly at odds with himself, fighting a battle between his faith and all the opportunities presented to him while on tour. Reynolds, the seventh of nine children, has always put his religion above all else; he served two years on a Mormon mission helping drug addicts fight their addictions, and met his wife Aja Volkman, the lead singer of Nico Vega, while discussing their religious beliefs after opening for her on a set in Egypt. After dropping out of Brigham Young University he then began to take his own course in life, following the bands success all the way to the top of the charts – that was when he began openly questioning many of the teachings of his faith.

He finds support from his brothers, one of which is the bands manager, and another is the bands lawyer. However, despite their camaraderie, challenges still present themselves to the singer and his bandmates as they continue building upon the monumental success they have received in a relatively short period of time. They avoid after parties as much as possible, and try to focus on their next show or next album instead. Because of this, the band’s sophomore album entitled, Smoke + Mirrors, is set to be released on Tuesday, February 17.