Azealia Banks Goes after Erykah Badu on Twitter

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A couple of days ago, a fan asked Erykah Badu (on social media) if she listens to rapper Azealia Banks. The singer simply responded that she “tried” to listen to the rapper’s music. Once Banks saw the response, she took offense to the tweet and sent Badu a message. “Lol, what’s the shade,” Banks asked Badu. Badu didn’t reply, and so Banks posted a number of tweets directed at the singer. A few of the tweets directed at Badu, stated that the singer was just too old and jealous because Banks was a young artist. “When artists grow old and begin to recognize their own mortality they throw shade at younger spirits. We see it happen all the time,” Banks stated. 

Badu didn’t remain silent for long, and she responded to the rapper. “Well shit I did try. Maybe you’re right..I’m just to [sic] old to get it. You cool tho,” the singer asked Banks. After realizing Badu was too mature to engage in one of Banks’ Twitter wars, the rapper also waved her white flag. “I’m cool, I was just trying to make sure you were cool,” the rapper responded to Badu. 

While Erykah Badu didn’t engage in a Twitter battle with Azealia Banks, a lot of recording artists have. The rapper has had several social media feuds over the last few years with recording artists including Iggy Azalea, T.I., Nicki Minaj, Lupe Fiasco, Jim Jones, Lil Kim, Rita Ora, Lily Allen, and more. 

Banks does other things on her Twitter feed besides feuding with people, she makes special announcements on her social media page, too. A few days ago, the rapper announced she was going to be on the cover of Playboy‘s April issue. The magazine also revealed Banks will be nude in the Playboy issue. Banks said she was inspired by Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell‘s Playboy spread, and that’s why she decided to do Playboy magazine too. Banks’ Playboy issue will hit stands on March 20th. The following month, the rapper will perform at Coachella 2015. The music festival will take place on two weekends, April 10-12 and April 17-19. The festival will be headlined by Drake, Jack White, and AC/DC. Other artists on the lineup include David Guetta, Florence and the Machine, the Weeknd, Hozier, St. Vincent, and many more. 

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