B.O.B. Discusses New Album, Set For 2015 Release

Courtesy of B.O.B. via Facebook

Courtesy of B.O.B. via Facebook

B.O.B. will release his fourth studio album in the spring or summer of this year. The rapper promises this album will be more vulnerable than his other projects. “This album, for me, is just a lot more vulnerable where I’m coming from. I feel like it’s a more organic place,” B.O.B. told Billboard magazine. He added, “I think a lot of the success I experienced in the past four, five years had to really soak in and set in for me.” The rapper said the music from this album will come from more of a real place, and it will be representative of the life he’s living right now. B.O.B.‘s last album, Underground Luxury, was released in 2013, but he has dropped several mixtapes during his break from putting out a studio release. 

The rapper’s new album will feature guest appearances from T.I. and Lil Wayne, and B.O.B. says he only calls in big favors when the song is really special. The rapper will also handle most of the music production for his new project. “Since my first album [B.O.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray] I’ve been doing more and more production. I did a good bit of production on first album, but now man I’m really sinking into my sound and what I want to do,” B.O.B. told Billboard. The rapper said he’s not sure when he will turn his album in for completion, and he won’t say when the project will officially be complete. “The best songs always come up at the end. Once you feel like you have your album done and you relax, then all of a sudden the best songs start rolling in because music comes from an effortless place,” he explained to Billboard. The rapper added, “On the Adventures of Bobby Ray, Don’t Let Me Fall was the last song I recorded, so you’ve got to stay open to those possibilities.” 

B.O.B. is also focusing on his No Genre record label by working with new artists and producers, including a new project by Jake Lambo. “I’m all about growth, really giving artists the time to discover themselves as well as being discovered, because there’s so much that goes into being an artist and just living it,” the rapper said. B.O.B. also wants to make sure he does his part to ensure all of the artists on his label are given the opportunity to be themselves, whether they are gangsta, weird, or nerdy. 

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