Garth Brooks Speaks On New Album, Taylor Swift

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Garth Brooks may have received criticism for his 1999 concept album, Garth Brooks…In the Life of Chris Gaines, but Brooks is not ruling out making another concept project. “Concept albums are really blowing my mind right now because if you want to promote an album, think about it– a concept album might be the way to go,” the country singer told Billboard magazine. Brooks believes artists can still sell records, despite the fact that record sales continue to decline. “The great thing about albums is it gives you a lot of choices, and we can all say that the album business is dead, but watch Taylor Swift,” Brooks told Billboard. He added, “I don’t think it’s dead. I just think we’ve got to hit on the energies that make people want to collect albums.”

Brooks is not exactly sure when his new album will be released, but he promises it will be sooner than later. The country singer didn’t release a studio album for over a decade, until last year when he dropped Man Against Machine. “We’re planning on hearing something new from us hopefully around Christmas, or next spring. If you remember us, we do one about once a year, so it’s coming up,” the singer said. Brooks continued, “It just seemed to work for us as far as the tour, bring refreshed and new with new gas in it and stuff, the new music in it. It also lets you rework your tour a year in, which is great because it fits the new album.” There is a possibility Brooks will feature a duet with his late mom on his new album, something the singer said he has wanted to do for a long time. Thanks to technology, Brooks is hoping he will finally be able to record the duet.

Staying true to form, Brooks has been touring extensively and breaking records at the same time. “When we came out we said if we do fifty percent of what we did in the 1990s, we would feel good. Well, the average on-sale right now has been 130 percent of what we did in the 1990s, which is crazy,” Brooks told Billboard. Garth Brooks plans on digitally remastering his recordings from 1989-2001, and he may even release some of the albums on vinyl format. Brooks is also continuing to build his Ghost Tunes music retail store, and he is excited about being able to offer musicians and consumers an alternative to the other retail giants. The country singer said he feels lucky to be able to bridge the gap between the people who make music and the people who buy it.

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