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Kid Rock headlined the Daytona 500 pre-race concert on Sunday. “It’s the redneck Super Bowl. It lines up pretty well in my wheelhouse,” the rocker told the Associated Press. Rock performed a lot of his hit songs like “Bawitdaba” and “Cowboy,” as well as his new record, “First Kiss.” His album, First Kiss, will be released tomorrow, and Rock hopes his fans will love it just as much as his other projects. “I’m still awaiting the day when you show up and say you’re going to play some new stuff and people kind of head to the bathroom to get a beer,” Rock said. He added, “I hope I know when that day comes so I can be courteous enough to play the old stuff for them as much as they want.” The rocker stated that he has attended the Daytona 500 as a performer and as a fan, and he feels racing is the one of the greatest sports in entertainment. “It seems like we have a little more tempers these days. Let’s face it, it adds to the excitement, it adds to the drama,” Rock told the AP. He added, “It’s still to me one of the greatest sports. It’s more un-politically correct than anything else.” 

Kid Rock will hit the road on June 24th for his First Kiss Tour, which will launch in Connecticut. The legendary band, Foreigner, is joining Rock on his 36-date tour, which will also stop in Kid Rock’s hometown of Detroit to perform six shows. Tickets for the tour will be available tomorrow, and pre-sale tickets are available to purchase today. The tickets for Rock’s Best Night Ever tour in 2013 only cost twenty dollars, and the rocker decided to price the tickets at twenty dollars for his upcoming tour as well. The First Kiss Tour will also offer fans a price reduction on venue parking, concession, and merchandise. 

The Walmart franchise will also sell twenty dollar all-inclusive tickets that include a two dollar coupon towards the First Kiss album purchase, and it will include a reduced price for parking. Rock is also reserving the first two rows of each venue, in order to award seats to fans as upgrades at the shows. The rocker told Billboard magazine that he is very excited about being able to offer his fans a great concert experience at an efficient price. Rock was able to cut down on his concert prices by partnering with Live Nation, and the two entities will split the receipts from his shows. Kid Rock hopes his twenty dollar concerts will start a trend in the music industry, and more artists will follow his lead.

FDRMX Eyes: Rock duo The Dodos have recently released a new music video below. “Competition” is full of fun choreography and groovy indie rock music. 

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