Be-Boys – Game Over

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From Switzerland comes the French band, Be-Boys. They present us with a dark, alternative rock music video for their single, “Game Over.” The video is shot entirely in black and white, with hints of red and purple toward the end. The blurry effect that is seen throughout the video enhances the feeling of uneasiness, as the visuals are somewhat uncomfortable. The track immediately begins with fast guitar-playing and solemn vocals in the French language. We observe a damsel in distress whose mouth and limbs are tied up and a mysterious man who is blindfolded and crawling up the stairs. Both characters struggle to survive throughout the video. Blood seeps everywhere in the end, yet we are not entirely sure how things happened the way they did. The strings and percussion are steadily heavy throughout. The lyrics, though in French, are bitter as they address feelings of rejection, loss of power, and heartbreak.

“Game Over” by Group Be-Boys
On Legal Download, 26 February 2015
The Team Pool Label – Orfeo’Lab