Alice in Chains Reveal Glam Rock Phase in Video

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Before Alice in Chains became a grunge staple, they were Alice N’ Chains, a glam rock band complete with teased hair and spandex. Johnny Bacolas, former member of Alice N’ Chains has recently released a video of the band during a 1986 gig at the University of Washington’s Kane Hall. While Layne Staley is the only original member of the group, it does give a preview of what Alice in Chains might have been. Alice N’ Chains broke up shortly afterward with Staley moving on to a different band, which had also been seeking a guitarist. Staley asked roommate Jerry Cantrell to fill the role, and Cantrell agreed but only if Staley joined Cantrell’s band. When Staley’s project disbanded, he joined Cantrell’s band full-time, eventually adopting the name Alice in Chains.

The band’s first official recording came in the form of a promotional EP titled We Die Young, with the title track becoming a hit on metal radio. Facelift, which was released on August 21, 1990, eventually peaked at number forty-two on Billboard 200, and the “moody aura” was intended as a “direct result of the brooding atmosphere and feel of Seattle.” Though the album sold less than forty thousand copies originally, it went on to sell 400,000 copies once MTV added “Man in the Box” to its regular rotation. “Sea of Sorrow,” the album’s second single, reached number twenty seven on the mainstream rock charts. By the end of 1990, Facelift was certified gold.

Alice in Chains’ success continued with their second EP, Sap. Within two weeks, it was certified gold and featured vocals by Heart‘s Ann Wilson, Mudhoney‘s Mark Arm, and Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell. Dirt, their sophomore album, has since been certified quadruple platinum, making it their highest grossing album. It spawned five top thirty singles and remained on the charts for almost two years. MTV Unplugged (April 10, 1996), their first concert in three years, was released as a live album in July 1996 and debuted number three on Billboard 200.

After Staley was found dead in 2002, Cantrell, Mike Inez, and Sean Kinney reunited to perform a 2005 tsunami benefit concert. William DuVall joined Alice in Chains for their other reunion shows, eventually becoming a permanent member. The band has since released Black Gives Way to Blue, which has been certified gold by the RIAA, and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which debuted at number two on Billboard 200. In January 2015, Alice in Chains performed during the NFC Championship game halftime show and are contributing items for an Ebola charity auction along with Guns N’ Roses, System of a Down, and others.

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