Chamillionaire Is a Venture Capitalist in LA

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Chamillionaire recently moved to Los Angeles to work at Mark Suster‘s investment firm, Upfront Ventures. While this may be current news in the media, the rapper has been involved with Suster for some time now. According to Suster, Chamillionaire has attended a lot of tech conferences as an audience member and speaker. Six years ago, Chamillionaire met Suster and invested in an online video talent agency called Maker Studios. Subsequently, the talent agency is now owned by The Walt Disney Company. “After seeing Chamillionaire interact with several entrepreneurs both at events and as an investor, I started introducing him to startups in an advisory capacity,” Suster wrote on his blog. 

Mark Suster also said that Chamillionaire has a better sense of customer behavior than most Ivy League graduates, which is an essential part of customer engagement. “A while back, Chamillionaire started telling me he wanted to immerse himself even more in the tech world, by learning to build products, studying different business models, and committing himself to being a true tech entrepreneur,” Suster wrote. Chamillionaire’s entrepreneur-in-residence title marks the first time a hip-hop recording artist has been given that title at a Venture Capital firm. 

In addition to his new position as a Venture Capitalist, Chamillionaire has an extensive resume in entrepreneurship. He invested into Fly Rydes in 2003, which is a car dealership that also customizes cars. Chamillionaire also owns a record label, modeling agency, and a tour bus company. As far as his music career, Chamillionaire hasn’t released a studio album in eight years. Although the rapper has not released a studio album in a while, Chamillionaire did drop two EPs in 2013 entitled Elevate and Reignfall

Ten years ago, the rapper gained mainstream success with his first album, The Sound of Revenge. The project debuted at the Number 10 position on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, and it sold over 800,000 copies in just two weeks. The Sound of Revenge featured appearances by Lil Wayne, Bun B, Scarface, Krayzie Bone, Killer Mike, and more. The biggest song from the platinum-selling album was “Ridin’” (or commonly referred to as “Ridin’ Dirty“) featuring Krayzie Bone, which reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song would eventually sell four million copies worldwide, and it was even made into a parody by Weird Al Yankovic. Yankovic’s version was entitled “White & Nerdy.” 

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