Devils Paradise – S.O.I.M.

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Devils Paradise’s “S.O.I.M.” is the rock anthem you’ve always needed. The music video is explosive and energetic from the very beginning as it introduces clean guitar work and loud percussion. All instruments merge together beautifully, creating intensity and hype. Devils Paradise is an up and coming band from Brazil and has great potential to take over rock radio here in America. The vocals are reminiscent of David Cook, and the band, overall, is a mix of Avenged Sevenfold, Guns ’N Roses and Pantera. The video focuses on each of the members in what looks like an empty parking lot or basement. Whichever, the setting is appropriate for the track. Just like the music, the lyrics are pretty much in your face: “I’ll kick your butt and sell your soul / to the devil who is a friend of mine / we will play with you and your broken pride / I’ll put a cross inside your heart.” This is the perfect song for every occasion. Keep an eye out for this rock group as you could be hearing them on the radio some time soon.

Directed by Davidson Mainart, Bruno Paraguay, Diogo Araujo
Produced by Rafael Marques, Guilherme Bertozzi, Felipe Bedani, Diogo Araujo, Vinicius Faria, Claudio Junior, Arlan Santos
Shot by Bruno Paraguay, Davidson Mainart, Diogo Araujo, Guilherme Bertozzi
Edited by Diogo Araujo, Davidson Mainart
Color Correction by Mess Santos, Diogo Araujo, Davidson Mainart
Post Production – Diogo Araujo, Davidson Mainart
This video was shot by Movie 3, Under Control Filmes and Alphadog Filmes