Iggy Azalea on New Music, Leaving Social Media

Courtesy of Taylor Hill / WireImage
Courtesy of Taylor Hill / WireImage

Rapper Iggy Azalea has been speaking candidly about her decision to leave social media, especially in the wake of recording her new album. The rapper comments that she is significantly happier since leaving social media behind, and that it is helping her while she is recording her second album. She claims that the drama on social media was driving the creative concepts behind her album in a direction she didn’t want to take. 

“Every time I come into the studio I’m like, I just feel like I want to punch everyone in the face. And those are the only songs that I’m able to write.” For the new album, Azalea has commented that she is trying to write songs “that don’t necessarily have features or hooks” in an effort to achieve a “hit that is just me.” Furthermore, Azalea has expressed her hopes that she will be able to see “rap on Top 40 Radio that doesn’t necessarily have to rely on a hook to be cross-over.”

Azalea has also revealed that “Trouble,” her forthcoming single featuring vocals from Jennifer Hudson, would be the final release from the rerelease of her debut album, Reclassified. The duo has shot a music video for the single, which Azalea was responsible for directing.  Recently, Hudson has commented how she appreciates the rapper’s desire to take creative control of her career. Azalea is also set to feature on a new Britney Spears single, which she has referred to as a “massive hit” and has been teasing for the last few months. Spears’ team has been relatively tight-lipped regarding the collaboration, but fans have been speculating that it will be dropping in the near future.

Azalea claims to have made the decision to leave her media platforms behind after paparazzi photos of the rapper dressed in a bikini while on vacation began circulating the net. The rapper posted a series of tweets to announce her imminent departure, claiming that the social media sites were a breeding ground for hatred. Since making the decision, the rapper’s several accounts have been taken over by her management team. In the past, Azalea has been involved in a series of battles across her social media. 

Most recently, the rapper was embroiled in a battle with Papa Johns on the day of this year’s Grammy Awards. The argument started after a delivery boy for the popular food chain shared her private phone number with friends and family who went on to spam the artist with a series of texts and calls. Although she believes “it’s human nature to want to defend yourself,” Azalea hopes that taking the step back will help her channel her creative energy. The rapper does not believe that she will ever be making a return to social media.

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