Phono Emergency Tool – Floating So Fast

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From Italy comes an indie, alternative rock band called Phono Emergency Tool. There are a lot of visuals in Phono Emergency Tool’s music video for “Floating So Fast.” And just like the title, the video and track are fast-paced. The setting takes place in the busy streets of the Big Apple. It conveys fast-walking feet of New Yorkers, yellow cabs, escalators, the subway platform, and subway cars. Each clip is short, and some loop backwards and forwards. Aside from the live footage of one of the busiest cities in the world, random animated drawings of faces, buildings, and artistic doodles are also seen. The track is comprised of fast rhythmic drums, loud cymbals and guitar chords. The lyrics are short and simple. The entire video will give you the jitters; with shaky effects, it’s the perfect video for those who are always up and about and never sitting in one place. “Floating So Fast” is open-ended; it’s really up to the viewers to decide what message the band is trying to convey.

Produced by Phono Emergency Tool
Directed by Sandro Sgarzi and Phono Emergency Tool
Editing and Animation – Sandro Sgarzi
Camera Operator –  Sandro Sgarzi
Post-Production – Marco Lama

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