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Recording artist Cole Swindell performed at the Country Radio Seminar last night, as a part of the New Faces Show. In order to be a performer at the showcase, the artists have to be voted on by radio professionals. “The outside world might not know what Country Radio Seminar is, but we do as artists, and this is huge. There are so many great artists out there,” Swindell told Billboard magazine. He continued, “For me to be in that group, and play my music for country radio, you don’t get that opportunity.”

Swindell also mentioned that artists perform shows all over the country, in hopes that radio will see them perform. “For me to get a chance to play in Nashville for all the folks that have given a chance to this dream of mine, it means the world to me that they would include me in that,” the Warner Bros. recording artist said. Swindell was asked about his experience on the country radio tour. The singer explained that nothing could have prepared him for such an intense experience, but he enjoyed it. “Everyone at the label tries to prepare you for what you’re walking into, but I enjoyed it. The traveling was a little bit intense,” he told Billboard. Swindell added, “Getting a chance to meet folks that have given careers to all the folks that you’ve grown up listening to and start forming relationships with them is a very cool feeling.”

Last year, Swindell’s “Chillin’ It” made it to Number 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart. The singer recalled the first time he heard his hit song on the radio. “I was in Nashville at the parking lot of Sony/ATV, which is my publishing company,” the country star stated. He continued, “I was in a buddy of mine’s truck and got to hear it, which was great. I wish I could go back to that moment and relive it so I could tell you exactly what it felt like.” The country singer’s next single, “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,” was also very successful on country radio. The song peaked at Number 1 on the Country Airplay chart, and his current single is doing well on the charts as well. Swindell’s “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” is currently in the Number 7 position on the Hot Country Songs chart.

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