Bobby Brackins Discusses New Song with Zendaya

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Bobby Brackins may be most-known for writing Chris Brown‘s “Loyal” and Tinashe‘s “2 On,” but now the songwriter has his own record. Last month, Brackins released “My Jam” featuring Zendaya and Jeremih. The song is currently Number 3 on the weekly Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists chart. Billboard magazine interviewed the singer-songwriter to discuss his new single, and his success as a songwriter. The magazine asked Brackins if it’s difficult writing songs for artists, that he may want to keep for himself. “Honestly, all I’m interested in are singles, because those are the songs that get heard,” the songwriter said. He added, “If I’m doing a song for someone else, and they have the infrastructure to make it a huge song, then be my guest, you can have it.”

The songwriter says he doesn’t compete with the artists he writes songs for, as long as his own songs get the push they deserve too. Brackins feels like “Loyal” and “2 On” are timeless records, and they can be played ten years from now. He said both records are not only cool songs, but they are both relatable. Brackins considers a record “cool” when people love it regardless of the fact that a major label, or great manager put huge marketing dollars into promoting it. The singer-songwriter just wrote a record for Austin Mahone, and he feels it will also be a big hit on radio.

Right now, Brackins is focused on his new song with Zendaya and Jeremih, for which he thinks will become a timeless song as well. “My new single, My Jam, is going to be one of those cool songs. People are going to want to hear it ten years from now because it’s a great record,” the singer told Billboard magazine. Brackins recruited Zendaya for his song, because he felt she would sound great on it. He also wanted to get a major label collaborator for “My Jam,” and so he recruited Def Jam’s Jeremih. “My Jam is going to be one of the biggest songs of the summer, hands down. You can mark my words,” Brackins stated to Billboard. The singer-songwriter didn’t back down from his bold claim, and he continued by saying “My Jam” is the perfect song that will be a game-changer.

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