Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana Grande: ‘Adore’ Single Review

Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

Let us face it. Though Ariana Grandes “One Last Time” is a solid track, its accompanying music video is less than stellar. It even is pale in comparison to Britney SpearsTill The World Ends” or even “Oops! I Did It Again.” However, the singer is quick to recover by releasing a track with Cashmere Cat called “Adore.” In any human way possible, she proves that she is so much better than her latest video. Her way of introducing it to the world through an excellent performance in her Honeymoon Tour is commendable, too. Thus, Grande still owns the throne as the young diva to beat today.

Vocally, Grande’s talent is very evident that it is even funny how some people online dismiss her undeniable gift as substandard. Not many artists in mainstream music today can do what Grande does in her songs. The sultry smooth voice Grande has is the primary reason she sells her records. Though she has a slight problem with enunciation, as obvious in “Adore,” she makes up for it by the melismas, riffs and runs that only professional divas can execute well. In this regard, Grande may still have vocal limitations, especially in parts of “Adore” where power is necessary. However, what she lacks in power makes up for all the right reasons people continue to love her. The calm voice of Grande is a fresh breather from voices that are all power and no emotion.

Lyrically, “Adore” is fairly written. It is not strangely poetic, but its prose contains some degree of depth about a romanticized admiration for someone. Nevertheless, Grande did justice to the song by coming up with the right amount of vocal progression, from the verses to the encore. “Adore” is loud when it has to be, but it is also sweet in all the right places. Having said all these, it may already be argued that Grande may officially be known as the forerunner of singing sexy love songs.

To give credit where it is due, the ultimate success of “Adore” as a potential hit must be attributed to its captivating production value. Cashmere Cat was able to use the right beats to match Grande’s vocals. While the singer’s voice is phenomenal in this track, the last song syndrome factor should be credited to the way Cashmere Cat handled the production. Truth be told, even the best lyrics can sound lame if produced lousily. In the case of “Adore,” the average lyrics are transformed into a ready hit because of its infectious technicalities.

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