Chris Brown, Acclaimed Musician, Alleged Father

Courtesy of Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

Courtesy of Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP

While the world should be waiting for news about where Chris Brown and Tyga’s joint album will be debuting on the charts this week, Brown has found himself in the public eye for a different reason. Rumors have been circulating that Chris Brown may be a father to a 9 month old daughter. The currently unnamed child is alleged to come from a relationship with Nia, a 31-year-old model and dancer. Brown has not publicly commented on the situation, but additional information has been leaking about his relationship over the last few hours. 

Currently, it is speculated that there is not a traditional child support situation between Brown and Nia; however, it has been implied that Brown is getting along well with the mother. Fans are unsure of what this means for the musician. Recently, another man has come out, claiming that he is the father of the child and revealing a collection of photos that he has taken alongside her and Nia’s older child. It is unclear how this situation will be resolved.

Brown’s longtime girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, took to social media to wish the musician good luck and to reveal that she would not be involved in the relationship between Brown and his daughter. Although she didn’t outright state that she would be leaving him, fans are speculating that the cryptic message implies that she and Brown are no longer together. The duo has been embroiled in a hot and cold relationship since 2011, but this may be the last straw. In the past, Brown has admitted to cheating on Tran, and he was famously ridiculed for splitting his time between Tran and his ex, Rihanna, during their relationship.

Recently, the musician was denied entry into Canada for a series of performances on his Between The Sheets tour that he is performing alongside Trey Songz and Tyga. In the end, the tour dates had to be cancelled. The reason for his denied entry was due to his criminal past, including his domestic abuse case with Rihanna, and a series of assaults that left the musician with jail time as well as community service. The cancelled dates were more evidence of a rocky start to the tour, which was delayed by a judge because Brown was behind on community service hours that were supposed to be finished before the tour could kick off. 

The tour is in support of Brown’s first joint album, Fan of a Fan: The Album, which he recorded with Tyga and has supported with the release of singles “Ayo” and “Bitches and Marijuana.”  The album follows Brown’s 2014 release of X.

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