Eminence – Unfold

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From Brazil comes a hardcore metal band called Eminence and their music video for “Unfold.” A woman covered in bandages, a mysterious man in a cloak, another wearing a gas mask, and a little girl are a few of the characters that are portrayed in the video. The creepy visuals conveyed in “Unfold” enhance the insane performance of the band, who play in a seemingly deserted building. The lead vocalist begins by writing the lyrics to the song on a piece of paper. The rest of the band chime in with loud stings, hard-hitting drums, and screaming. The individual characters described earlier are shown in a different room with a chalkboard-like wall behind them and only a lamp hanging from the ceiling to give them their main source of light. The bandaged woman slowly reveals her face only to unveil that she is what looks like a piece of meat in the end. The message “Unfold” conveys is probably a disturbing one. The lyrics speak of dreams unfolding, running nowhere because “the war is over,” and opening up your mind.

Music video by Eminence performing “Unfold” Official Music Video
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Directed by Paulo Fernando
Editing / Finishing – Paulo Fernando
Director of Photography – Leandro Miranda
Camera – Leandro Miranda
Assistants – Thales Violante, Felipe Andrade, Walfried Weissmann
Production CompanyToca Filmes

Website: eminence.com.br
Twitter: twitter.com/eminenceband