Jaymes Young: ‘I’ll Be Good’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Jaymes Young via YouTube
Courtesy of Jaymes Young via YouTube

Watching Jaymes Young’s music video for “I’ll Be Good” may cause extreme and powerful emotions; you’ve been warned. I don’t usually take music recommendations from my friends because more often than not, I don’t enjoy their recommendations. With that being said, I have never been happier that someone forced me to listen to an artist. Jaymes Young was a pleasant surprise, and his new music video only strengthened my slow-growing obsession. “I’ll Be Good” is the newest single to come off of his EP, Habits Of My Heart. With lyrics like, “I’ll be good/ I’ll be good/ For all of the times that I never could,” I should have known I was in for an emotional journey when it came to the music video.

The video is a slow-moving journey through a complicated relationship. The lyrics are a resounding promise to his significant other that he will change his ways, and that he no longer will cause her harm. As the video progresses, we see small signs of physical injuries on both the man and the woman. At one point, each of them are laying in a hospital bed with cuts and scrapes all over their body, and a look of defeat displayed on each of their faces. On his YouTube channel, Jaymes Young posted, “This video represents the harm we do. We harm ourselves when we harm others. It also reflects the re-birth of a forgiven conscience.”

This is why I love music. Jaymes Young is why I love music. Lyrically, this song grips to the darkest places of your soul and forces you to look at how you’re living your life. As heartbreaking as it may be to watch the video, I think it portrays a very important lesson that needs to be taught. In a world where we are so able to easily harm each other, we must realize the harm that we cause ourselves with our actions. Don’t worry; I won’t bore you with a strong-worded (and well-written) speech on how to be a good person. I trust that you will watch the music video and pay attention to the message being presented in front of you. Jaymes Young is currently working on his album that will be out later this year, and I absolutely cannot wait for what’s to come from this artist.