Damning Clip of Suge Knight Hit-and-Run Found

Courtesy of bet.com

Courtesy of bet.com

It would seem things are going from bad to worse for hip-hop mogul Suge Knight. Earlier today, footage of Knight’s now-infamous hit-and-run accident from late January surfaced online. The footage was apparently procured by the gossip-mongering media outlet TMZ.

The graphic and disconcerting video shows the climax of a January 29th confrontation outside Tam’s Burgers in Compton. The kerfuffle, which came after filming on the set of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton had wrapped for the day, is reported to have taken place between Suge Knight (Marion Hugh Knight Jr.) and one Cle “Bone” Sloan, though Knight’s friend Terry Carter ended up being fatally run over.

TMZ’s cut of the footage is edited to make the victims, as well as Knight’s enormous red truck, as easy to see as possible. Ever the classy source of news, TMZ has superimposed arrows at various points of the video, indicating the victims, as well as Knight’s vehicle; the graphics are paired with stock “ringing bell” sounds. Per TMZ: “You see Suge pull up and he is almost instantly confronted by Cle “Bone” Sloan… Bone attack[s] Suge through the driver’s window, when Suge suddenly throws the truck in reverse, clipping Bone with the side view mirror and knocking him down… Terry moves into the parking lot when Suge guns it again, hitting Bone a second time and mowing Terry down, mortally wounding him.” Knight told police, after turning himself in the day after the deadly accident, he feared he would have been assaulted or shot had he tried to defend himself or had he simply continued backing out of the Tam’s parking lot instead of driving forward over Carter. Surprisingly, TMZ blurred the footage of the homicide because “it’s just too gruesome.”

The procurement of this footage is merely the latest misfortune related to this whole snafu to blight Knight. Just last week, the Death Row Records co-founder was taken to the hospital following a court date. He told the mediahe’s been suffering bouts of blindness and can only see out of one eye. He also reportedly fired some or all of his legal team last week, declaring, “I fired these lawyers.”

While Los Angeles County prosecutors believe this particular piece of evidence represents the final nail in Knight’s coffin, so to speak, Knight himself told reporters he believed this video would lead to his eventual exoneration. Suge Knight is due back in court today.

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