Juvenile Chooses to Stay Out of Cash Money Drama

Courtesy of Jason Campbell via mtv.com

Courtesy of Jason Campbell via mtv.com

Juvenile‘s return to Cash Money Records will be complemented with the release of his Mardi Gras II mixtape, which will come out on March 26th. The mixtape will feature guest appearances from Future, Rick Ross, and a few upcoming New Orleans rappers including the rapper’s son. The tracks for the mixtape will be provided by none other than former Cash Money alum, Mannie Fresh. “We’ve been rocking with Mannie Fresh all day. Lately it’s been an Internet thing,” Juvenile told MTV News. The rapper added,”He’s been sending me beats or something with his hook on it. We haven’t gotten in the studio like we usually do yet, but it’s coming.” 

Juvenile and Mannie Fresh both left Cash Money Records years ago. Although they departed the label at different times, they both left Cash Money because of financial issues. The list of unsatisfied Cash Money artists and producers continues to grow, and they all claim, or have claimed, CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams owes them money. Most notably, Lil Wayne is suing Birdman and Cash Money for millions of dollars. Even Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince has gotten involved in the controversy, by claiming Cash Money and Lil Wayne owes him money, too. Prince’s son, Jas Prince, is the one responsible for bringing an unknown Drake to Cash Money and Lil Wayne in 2009. 

In an odd twist of fate, Juvenile released his album The Fundamentals through Rap-A-Lot last year. “I never signed with Rap-A-Lot. We did joint ventures and I’m still very tight with J. Prince, so things that’s going on right now with J. Prince and Cash Money and Wayne is something that caught me on the blind side,” the rapper told MTV. He added,”I’m on the outside looking in and just playing my position.” Juvenile said he believes it’s best for him to just stay out of the controversy altogether. “It’s one of them situations where you don’t know, and you just stay out of it and hope it’s a solution to it,” Juvenile stated. 

The rapper acknowledged that when he had his financial issues with Birdman in the past, Lil Wayne did not get involved. The rapper wants to give Wayne the same respect, and stay out of the way. For now, Juvenile is focused on his Mardi Gras II mixtape. Although the project does not feature his fellow Cash Money labelmate Drake, Juvenile said the two rappers are planning on collaborating on music in the near future.

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