Tom DeLonge: ‘New World’ Single Review

To the Stars

To the Stars

The famous guitarist by the name of Tom DeLonge has once again parted ways with Blink-182. DeLonge will be releasing his solo project entitled To The Stars… Demos, Odds, and Ends on April 21st. The album will feature leftover music material from his personal stash that was initially intended for his original band. Yesterday, DeLonge premiered his first single off of the upcoming album called “New World.”

“New World” is a melodic pop punk song. It’s a satisfying track because it’s along the line of work he has done with his former bandmates Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus. There is an old Blink influence on this track, and even a little bit of Box Car Racer. The song is bass heavy and features DeLonge’s signature guitar riffs, with the tone and overall mood being similar to his old work.

We can only assume that the lyrics have been conceivably written after the band’s separation. The first verse is: “I’ve heard a phantom ring / I’ve awakened to a lie / Prying up the eyes / To a shitty view with a shot of life.” He later pleads, “So seventeen again / I can hear the bell and tower / I will be devoured / Will you follow me to the witching hour?” It seems as though he is sending a message to his former band mates, expressing his feelings of wanting to go in a different direction. DeLonge does not “give a f***” and he’s “found a new door.” It can be said that good ol’ Tom just wants to prove himself in a different light.

Tom DeLonge has a distinct nasal voice when he sings. It is apparent that he has somewhat toned it down, which kind of threw me off in the beginning. However, it is refreshing to hear the old Tom again. I have a feeling that To The Stars… will be a great album come late April. Although “New World” was not over-the-top impressive, I eagerly await his two other singles, which will be released on March 23rd and April 6th.

It is not yet official if DeLonge has been replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba for good. Fans of the guitarist are expecting an amazing album. I truly hope that it meets my expectations. We’ll just have to wait and see if To The Stars… is good enough for Blink fans to forgive him.

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