Cody Simpson Dropping First Indie Project

Courtesy of Glenn Nutley / ABC News

Courtesy of Glenn Nutley / ABC News

Cody Simpson is no longer an artist on Atlantic Records, and he is releasing his first project as an independent act. Simpson is working on his forthcoming EP, Free, through his own record label Coast House. Free will be released on April 7th, and it will feature his new singles “Flower” and “New Problems.” Simpson said his new album really represents who he truly is. “It’s all very organic, raw, and real. It’s straight from me and naturally flowing. I just feel at peace now,” Simpson told MTV News

The Australian singer is working with writer-producer Cisco Adler, who has worked with a number of artists including Wiz Khalifa and Mike Posner. “For him at this point, he’s made a bunch of hits. But it’s time to make a pure, strong record that he can live with for the rest of his life and play for the rest of his life,” Adler told MTV News. He added,”This is a career artist. This isn’t a flash in the pan.” Simpson’s manager, Matt Graham, said Simpson is trying to raise the bar and do something “complex and highly musical.” Even though the pop singer is just 18 years old, he stated he is ready to take on the new challenge. 

Cody Simpson has released two studio albums in his young music career, which just began in 2010. His first album Paradise was dropped in 2012. The project reached Number 27 on the Billboard 200, and it featured two singles, “Got Me Good” and “Wish U Were Here.” The pop singer’s sophomore album, Surfers Paradise, featured production from Dr. Luke (Jessie J and Diplo), Lucas Secon (Trey Songz and Christina Aguilera), Adam Messinger (Justin Bieber and Shakira), and Drew Pearson (Katy Perry, and OneRepublic). 

The album featured guest appearances from Aster Roth and Ziggy Marley, and it reached Number 2 on the Canadian Albums Chart. The project also peaked at Number 10 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Surfers Paradise dropped three singles including “Pretty Brown Eyes,” “Summertime of Our Lives,” and “La Da Dee.” “Pretty Brown” peaked at Number 33 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart, and Number 68 on the Digital Songs chart. 

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