Heart Recording New Project While on Tour

Courtesy of heart-music.com

Courtesy of heart-music.com

Heart will record their new album, while they’re on tour. Why would they choose to record on the road? Well, the band is always on the road and they wanted to record a new project. Heart believes recording the album while on the road seems to be the most logical solution. “We’re touring and recording at the same time. We’re actually recording off the stage in sound checks and the shows,” Ann Wilson of Heart told Billboard magazine. She continued, “So if we’re doing a song you’re not familiar with at a show this year, you can be sure we’re recording it to be worked on later. We’re going to take the tracks and mess with them towards making a new record.” 

With today’s technology, recording an album while on tour is not far-fetched. Although not being in an actual recording studio, can be challenging. “I kind of prefer to go in a real studio just for the isolation so you can really have control,” Wilson told Billboard. On the other hand, there are positive aspects that a live performance gives the artist that can’t be accomplished in the recording studio. “You can can get the spark of the live performance in the basic track, which is something really hard to do in the studio,” the rocker stated. 

Wilson said Heart has new songs that sound really different from what their fans are used to hearing from them. “The songs are multi-dimensional. Just real different from stuff we’ve done before. Some of it is intensely soulful,” Wilson said. The singer continued,”We’re not in a box on this new record. We’re out of the box. After nearly forty years, if you’re still in the box…you better think of how to get out of it.”  

Heart which embark on their North America tour dates in Mankato, Minnesota on March 18th. Heart will also travel to Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Canada, New York, California, and more places during their time on the road. Rocker Joan Jett will join Heart on the road, as a special guest, for some of the tour dates. Heart plans on dropping their new project in the early part of 2016. 

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