Michaël Resin – Point of No Return

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Michaël Resin’s music video entitled “Point of No Return” is comprised of dark elements. The track gives off an eerie vibe. Edited in black and white, the visual effects are somewhat frightening. There is footage of a little girl wearing a long white shirt, and her hair is covering her face. She’s a bit terrifying because she looks like Samara from the horror film, The Ring. There is a mysterious profile of a man smiling, but we do not see the rest of his face. Another man is wearing a gas mask and looking creepily into the camera. The vocals are synth-heavy and the lyrics are filled with sadness. The world looks like it’s deteriorating and all Resin wants is to be set free. He wants to be rid of the love and life that hold him down as he pleads about not going back, trying to keep up, and living a lie. Only real love can set him free.

Official Video By Michaël Resin performing “Point of No Return”
(c) 2015 The Team Pool Label
Single available for download on March 17, 2015

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