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Allison Moorer is at her best when she writes from real personal experiences. The country songwriter has been that way ever since the release of her first album, Alabama Song, in 1998. “I don’t see any need about writing about anything else other than what’s going on. I consider that my job. I didn’t excel as a writer in making things up out of thin air,” Moorer told Billboard magazine. She continued,”I’ve always admired people who could write these story songs and tell these long tales about characters who are not them. I can’t really do that.” The country singer-songwriter said her strength is writing about what she knows, which is what has happened or is happening in her life.

Moorer’s new album, Down To Believing, is coming out on March 17th. The singer said the writing process for this album, is no different than how she has written her other projects. Moorer and her husband Steve Earle have split, after more than a decade-long relationship. She didn’t tell Billboard magazine if Earle will be the subject on some of the songs from the album, but her fans shouldn’t expect anything less from Moorer.

The singer-songwriter did tell Billboard that “Mama Let The Wolf In,” is a song about her son’s battle with autism. “It is my very emotional response to feeling so powerless in dealing with watching something happening to my baby that I could not affect. I couldn’t protect him from it. I have spent so many sleepless nights wondering what did I do wrong,” Moorer told the magazine. She added,”We always think it’s our fault for whatever reason. Even though intellectually, there’s no basis for any of that, you still feel it.”

Down To Believing will feature thirteen tracks, and Moorer wrote all of the songs on the album, ¬†except for one cover song. Moorer covered Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” although she wasn’t sure at first if she should do a cover song. Moorer said her record label really wanted her to do a cover song, but she didn’t think the album needed one. The country singer agreed to do the cover, as long as she could choose the cover song. Being a big Creedence Clearwater Revival fan, she felt that “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” was the perfect song for her new album, Down To Believing.

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