Kanye West Receiving Honorary Doctorate in May

Courtesy of mtv.com
Courtesy of mtv.com

Kanye West will receive an honorary degree from the Art Institute of Chicago in May. “I was a gifted artist since age five and won national competitions and went to art school. I’m actually getting an honorary doctorate on May 5th from the Art Institute of Chicago,” the rapper revealed during an interview with Clique. West famously highlighted dropping out of college with his 2004 album The College Dropout. The rapper attended the American Academy of Art and Chicago State University before he left the school to pursue a career in music.

While Kanye West is adorned by his fans, the rapper can’t seem to win over the heart of President Barack Obama. After West’s Taylor Swift incident at the MTV Awards, the president responded to the ordeal by calling the rapper a jackass. It seems as if West and President Obama have since moved on from the name-calling situation. During a recent appearance at Oxford University, the rapper revealed that he understands his role as being a servant. West also said he understands that his voice has the power to reach a lot of people, and he can also use his voice to build relationships with amazing individuals as well.

The rapper dropped a bombshell when he said he calls President Obama “out of the blue.” He also said the president calls his home phone. When West made these bold statements, most people believed the rapper. Moreover, the odds of the president responding to West’s claim seemed a bit far-fetched.

Luckily, President Obama made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! a few days ago. The talk show host didn’t waste any time getting an answer to West’s “phone call” statement. “I’ve met Kanye twice. The first time was when I was a senator and he was with his mom. He’d just gotten big. He’s from Chicago, so they wanted to meet. He was very soft-spoken and very gracious,” President Obama told Kimmel. He continued,”He was a young guy, and hadn’t quite come into his own. Six months ago, he came to an event and look, I love his music and he’s incredibly creative. I don’t think I’ve got his home number.”

The president may not have given a definitive “no” as an answer, but his “political” response can be easily interpreted. West definitely understood that President Obama denied having his number. TMZ ran into Kanye West at the airport and asked him about the president’s remarks. West didn’t back down from his original statement, and he reiterated that the president has his home number. The President Obama and Kanye West saga continues.

FDRMX Eyes: Vee Miyagi is an aspiring hip-hop artist based in Chicago, Illinois. The rapper has released his music video entitled “One.”

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