Ryan Cabrera, ‘It’s about being true to yourself’

Courtesy of ryancabrera.com
Courtesy of ryancabrera.com

The heart of Dallas graces us with a platinum selling artist in this article. Known for his massive hits “On The Way Down,” “True” and many others, Ryan Cabrera gave FDRMX the opportunity to speak with him. However, I didn’t want to focus on the past fame of this star. The now and future were key points to face when speaking with Cabrera. Even when he called, the positivity in his voice confirmed the image I represented of him in my head: passionate, diligent, and just plain down to earth.

Ryan Cabrera’s new single, “House on Fire,” which has been released as of March 3rd via Dynamite Music/Caroline, pumps the empowering motion of obtaining an effortless connection with people, keying down the phrase: “you and me, we’re automatic.” Cabrera expressed, “there is certain people that get together and share the similar energies and share your positive outlook on life.” The song pushes to show us all that the more you become honest with yourself, the more you will get out of life. “We’re all the same and everyone is going to have their opinions, and it’s about being true to yourself.”

It came to my attention that there was a sense of freedom in Cabrera’s songwriting. He discussed finding the right team and the blessing to be able to create music the way he wanted. This acted as confirmation for the right time for him to be back in music. Cabrera said, “After your 3rd, 4th record, you want to do it the way you want.” It goes to show that this transition to him playing on stage involves a delightful outcome.

“House on Fire is so fun to play,” notes Cabrera. It can be hard to win over the crowd at concerts and being cautious. He chose to do play his past songs on stage, saving “House on Fire” for last. The response, however, was phenomenal: “We play ‘House on Fire’ and the crowd goes wild.” Ryan Cabrera isn’t afraid to bring the song down to an acoustic level, to diversify it and show it can stand alone. With the fans saying yes yes, there isn’t a doubt that Cabrera hit gold with this track.

I couldn’t help but play the psychological word “flow” to his ears. Flow is a means of a point of focus, where everything is perfect, and you are engulfed in that one moment. It’s about embracing a hundred percent of yourself into that action. Cabrera identified with this term completely: “One thing about playing so much, every once in a while you find yourself losing that.” Cabrera expressed that you do 200 gigs a year, you forget that it’s fun and you lose that moment. “With this new record, I feel like I have a whole new energy,” he stated. Ryan Cabrera is back, filled with flow, and ready to embrace us all.

With the understanding of how I do music reviews, and how I listened to Cabrera’s EP, Wake Up Beautiful, I was strung through hours and hours of different emotions and feelings emerging from pieces of his music. “There is so much that goes into every line,” he said. Cabrera’s passion derives from the heart, and I challenge you all to sit down, put the headphones on and listen through it.

Diving deeper into Wake Up Beautiful, I chose several songs for him to break down and really give everyone an up and close personal look at what type of magic he has put into each song. Touching base on the song, “Forgot How To Fly,” I figured it wasn’t just a love song, but feeling automatic when you are away from someone – almost like you can’t operate the same way. “It’s about trying to figure out who you are without them,” Cabrera expressed in terms of returning to independence. He explained further, “It’s a learning process, and taking all those situations of pain, and figure out what I can personally gain and learn from that.” His positive outlook held high hearts on my side. With his ability to get out his emotions on music and touch his fans, the world keeps becoming a better place.

Spinning the wheel of songs on his EP, I pulled the song “I See Love” as a builder on Cabrera’s relationship experiences: “I was trying to understand what I was doing wrong, and got in the mode that I wouldn’t find the right girl for me.” He speaks truth that through life, sometimes love just happens when you are not looking for it. “I See Love” as he says it, “isn’t just about a relationship, it can be finding that you realize how much love you music, things you do in your life, taking a negative and turning it into a positive.” It’s a new level of opening up your eyes to the world and embracing it. It goes back to what “House on Fire” says – just be true to yourself.

Newest on Ryan Cabrera’s schedule is the Radio Revival Tour, which kicked off on March 12th, alongside Secondhand Serenade. It offers people two shows in one, and with no egos involved, it is a time to have fun: “It is going to be one of the best tours I have ever done.” With Cabrera psyched on the band he is playing with, and the moment being right, this tour is something you won’t want to miss.

With Cabrera back, his goal was to “work his ass off” and make sure that he does music everyday, keep promoting himself, and to never give up until people really get his music: “It’s been an overwhelming response. People who have been there from the beginning have been really loving.” Cabrera’s fans are back, and he appreciates the approval: “most of their responses are ‘it was worth the wait.'”

With Ryan Cabrera back in the game and positive outlooks on the horizon, it can be safe to say that success is back for the Dallas native. Having spoke to many different people in my life time, Cabrera is truly the real deal. Real heart and real drive, he will do his best for his fans. Even though Cabrera may be busy on tour, he doesn’t miss his charity-driven online show entitled Live from Ryan’s Living Room. It gives everyone the opportunity to hear great music, great artists, and give back to the world. I recommend his music to everyone as the art of being genuine can be a difficult one. Don’t miss a chance to see Ryan Cabrera live.