Ashley Monroe Struggles Writing Positive Songs

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Ashley Monroe‘s “On to Something Good” may have caught some of her fans off-guard. Monroe is most known for writing very emotional dramatic songs, which are a far cry from her recent uptempo release. “It’s so hard for me to write a positive song, but there are so many that I love that actually have some meat and substance to them. I really wanted to challenge myself,” the singer-songwriter told Billboard magazine. Monroe continued,”I tried to think of some Sheryl Crow songs I love that are uptempo and make you feel good. I love those songs, I’ve just never written one.” 

Monroe told the magazine that it was important to write a song about giving people hope, and “On to Something Good” offers a great message about personal triumph. “I really think it’s important to express hope to people, and to myself. If you’re alive and breathing, you’re doing so for a reason, even if you’ve been through hell in the past. I think it’s a way to say, keep going,” Monroe said. The singer-songwriter said she really enjoyed writing an uptempo record, but don’t expect her to start writing “happy” records from now on. “Don’t overanalyze it. Just go with it. It’s a happy-sounding song. Who would have thought it? But don’t worry. That’s about the only happy and uptempo song on the record,” Monroe told Billboard

The country singer is currently in the recording studio with Vince Gill and Justin Niebank, who both produced her Like a Rose album in 2013. “They have been so great to work with. They are just so perfect for me. Justin tends to think a little bit outside the box with new sounds,” she told Billboard. Monroe added,”Vince and I tend to swing back toward the traditional [country music]. When they meet in the middle, it’s perfect and exactly what it needs to be.” 

The country singer is also enjoying the success of her number one song, “Lonely Tonight,” with Blake Shelton. “I’m so grateful. I know Blake cares for his career, and he wants to have a number one record. I truly think he wants this one more for me than himself,” Monroe stated to Billboard

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