Interscope Faces Backlash of Kendrick Lamar Leak

Courtesy of Reebok

Courtesy of Reebok

The clean version of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, which serves as the follow-up to his 2010 album, good kid m.A.A.d city, was released by Interscope through official avenues such as iTunes and Spotify on Sunday night. The highly anticipated album has now lost considerable steam. This brought a series of scathing Tweets from Top Dog Entertainment‘s CEO, Anthony Tiffith, who claimed that some one was going to pay for messing up the album release.

After the album had been allowed to stream on both iTunes and Spotify for a full day, Interscope pulled it from iTunes, while the Spotify stream was still working. However, in this day and age, once something is made available for streaming, the pirates of the Internet jump on the opportunity. Soon, late last night, the explicit version of the album was released on torrent sites such as Pirate Bay.

While this has now become a predictable danger to record sales, labels do understand this torrent culture now expects to sample the goods before they buy the album. Desperate attempts to pull the album and issue cease and desists were spurned over the fact online forums were quick to begin pouring on the negative reviews. Of course, as message boards go, fans reacted to these in a combative manner to defend Lamar.

This disputes the old adage that any press is good press, as blog reviews are much more likely to sway an audience’s decision than a review in Rolling Stone these days, thus amplifying the label’s panic. Both sides of the argument agree the album infuses hip-hop with funk, soul, and spoken word in a manner not unlike old Outkast, which has caused reviews ranging from a masterpiece to calling Lamar a whack sell-out that will be forgotten by 2017.

In an effort to save face, Interscope Records went back again this morning and allowed the album to once more reappear on iTunes. The album’s original release date was March 23rd.

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