Honey Cocaine: ‘Sundae’ Single Review

Courtesy of styledbyvt.wordpress.com

Courtesy of styledbyvt.wordpress.com

Sochitta Sal is another Canadian rapper that is steadily pacing to the top of the industry. Her stage name, Honey Cocaine, means sweet and addicting. And she is absolutely right – her new single, “Sundae,” is sweet and addicting. With a stage name as unforgettable as hers, Honey Cocaine is rapping her way to major recognition in the industry. Over the years she has grown and matured in her lyrics, flow, and music. “Sundae” demonstrates this to a point where it erases all doubt about her skills. Honey Cocaine is one of those artists that owe their discovery and change of fate to YouTube as it’s where her career started before Young Money rapper Tyga noticed her.

You might remember her as the female rapper that had a verse with a sick flow on Tyga’s “Riot” song from his Well Done 3 mixtape back in 2012. And if you were keen to observe and listen, you must have noticed a lot of impressionable qualities about her. The most impressionable trait about Honey Cocaine is her articulateness. You literally hear the words as audibly as they can be. This makes her music so fun and easy to listen to. Most people that do not listen to rap music say it’s because they never really get what the artists are saying in their verses. Forget the complex punchlines sometimes, but some artists are not very articulate. With Honey Cocaine’s music, this will never be an issue.

“Sundae” is an incredibly put-together song. The beat is laid back, and its melody and instrumental command a rhythmic head bumping in enjoyment. It is a beat where the extra melodies and instruments in the instrumental keep you utterly impressed. The brilliance of combining and controlling them at the different parts of the song adds great effect to the lyrics flowing on those different parts. Their impeccable timing stresses the emphasis of the lyrics even further. You can only notice all this if you are listening to this magnificent song because only then will you understand my fascination with the instrumental.

The song is about how she meets this guy on a Monday. With no intentions to spoil what the song is about, I will not be specific with the activities they do on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But on “Sundae” they cuddled up, and she lets him lick the “cherry.” Honey Cocaine is so into him, and she confesses this in the song. This part of the confession is different because she sort of sings it. I found this extremely artistic, whether it was intended or not. Singing that part showed the vulnerability of love created in people.

She has been rapping all the other intimate stuff in the song, but she chooses to be soft when she’s telling us how she is so into him. She also makes a very interesting reference in her second verse, when she sings, “Call him Trey Songz ’cause he always tryna dive in.” Ever watched a movie with a happy ending and you find yourself grinning as the happy events are taking place? Well, that’s exactly what the above line had me doing.

The way Honey Cocaine delivers in “Sundae” is completely outstanding. You listen to a lady rapper with flow, lyrics and the ability to keep you hooked with her delivery. Honey Cocaine goes all the way to strictly impress with this song. It is a fun song to listen to, and for the female hip-hop fans, this is a fun song to learn and rap along to. I must commend her on always making it bigger and better with every new song. “Sundae” is a beautiful song and another win for the female rappers.

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