Kendrick Lamar Sets Streaming Record on Spotify

Courtesy of GQ Magazine

Courtesy of GQ Magazine

Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly just set a new single day streaming record. The album was streamed 9.6 million times on Spotify. According to Billboard estimates, Lamar earned $44,160 dollars in revenue from the streams. The huge surge in streams may be attributed to the fact that To Pimp A Butterfly was removed from iTunes momentarily, and so fans had to rely on streaming services in order to listen to the album. Prior to To Pimp A Butterfly, Drake‘s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late held the record for the most streamed album in a single day with 6.8 million streams. 

Kendrick Lamar spoke to The New York Times about his new project, and his conscious decision not to make it a typical mainstream hip hop album. “You know the songs that are out, we all love these songs. They sell a lot of singles and make these record labels a lot of money,” Lamar stated to The New York Times. He continued,”But those really living in the streets don’t want to hear boasts about murder and drug dealing. They want to get away from that. If it comes across as just a game all the time, the kids are going to think it’s just a game.” 

Lamar said he can only give the people the good with the bad, and he believes he has a calling rather than a responsibility. The rapper acknowledges how hard it is to reach an audience, when they only thing people are rapping about is fame and wealth. “I know every artist feels this way, but in order for it to come across on record for your average 9 to 5 person is the tricky part. I have to make it where you truly understand,” he said. Lamar added, “This is me pouring out my soul on the record. You’re gonna feel it because you too have pain. It might not be like mine, but you’re gonna feel it.” 

Lamar revealed he’s not inspired by riches and material possessions, and To Pimp A Butterfly is a reflection of how he views the world and what truly inspires him. “What gives me inspiration is giving game to people who don’t have it. Compton is where we’re putting in the real work with these kids and these ex-convicts,” Lamar stated. Kendrick Lamar said his new album represents strength, courage, honesty, growth, and acknowledgment.

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