Natalia Kills Remains Unrepentant for Bullying

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Recently sacked X Factor New Zealand judge, Natalia Kills, has finally commented on the hateful tirade that she unleashed on Joe Irvine, and she remains unrepentant for her cutting remarks. Earlier this week, Kills and her husband, Willy Moon, were fired from the program after what was deemed a personal attack on Irvine during a live episode of the show. Since then, Kills and Moon have fled New Zealand and were seen boarding a plane for Los Angeles. After landing in LAX, the duo were accosted by paparazzi, and Kills gave a statement regarding the affair, in which she revealed that she still stands by her statements.

When greeted by reporters in Los Angeles, Kills showed no remorse for her actions, opting instead to explain the situation away by hiding behind a declaration of love for her husband. “I love my husband with all my heart, we’ll stick together no matter what.” Kills went on to deny any rumors that the attack was a planned publicity stunt meant to bring in ratings for the show, stating “there’s really nothing to it” regarding the speculation.

Although she did not apologize to Irvine, she did wish the competitor the best of luck as he continues on in the contest, and she wished the same luck to the boys that she was responsible for mentoring. At this point in time, producers of X Factor have yet to find replacement judges for Kills and Moon (who was mentoring the groups category).

This was Kills’ first time commenting on her tirade since it was announced that she would be fired from the show. Immediately after the show took place, she did hop on social media to thank her fans for their support and to share a link to her single, “Problem,” in which she proclaims that there is “no salvation for a bad girl,” but since then, she has remained quiet and allowed representatives to speak for her. Willy Moon has still yet to release a comment of his own.

Since calling Joe Irvine “absolutely, artistically atrocious” for copying Moon’s personal style, Kills has found herself in the center of a media storm. Several high profile celebrities including Ellie Goulding, Lorde, and Ed Sheeran have come to Irvine’s defense, and Kills’ fellow judges publicly dragged her decision.

In the wake of Kills’ attack, it has come to light that the musician has parted ways with her record label, Interscope, and that she has cut all ties with Cherrytree Marketing. Without a recording contract, it is unclear what Kills’ next step will be. The musician released her second studio album, Trouble, in 2013. Although the album was well received by fans, it failed to perform to expectations. Since then, Kills has remained relatively quiet regarding her own recordings; however, she made an appearance as a writer on Madonna’s Rebel Heart where Kills wrote on “Holy Water.”

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