Merchbar Releases New Artist to Fan Product

Courtesy of Merchbar
Courtesy of Merchbar

Merchbar is the leading retailer for music merchandise, with more than 100,000 authentic products. Through its partnerships with companies like Live Nation, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music, Merchbar has products from artists like Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, The Beatles, Nicki Minaj, David Bowie, and Beck. The merchandising company just launched a new product called Merch Alerts, which ensures fans never miss out on new and interesting merchandise from their favorite artists. 

The fans will automatically receive emails from the artists when new merchandise is available. The process is simple, and anyone can sign up and receive personalized emails for merchandise from Kanye West, One Direction, Foo Fighters, or any of the 5,000 artists in Merchbar’s system. “Before Merchbar, music merchandise was spread across the web in thousands of different web stores, many of which didn’t even have a mailing list,” Edward Aten, Merchbar’s Founder and CEO, released in a statement. Aten continued,”Now, not only does Merchbar provide fans one place to discover and buy merchandise from many of the world’s top artists, now fans have one simple service to alert them when new gear is released.” 

Fans can download the Merchbar iPhone app and provide their email address, which will allow them to track artists from their iTunes library, and also track the artists they follow on Facebook. Web and Android users can tracks artists by using an alert system from the Merchbar website. The Merch alerts can be used by anyone who fills out a form via the artist’s page, which is also located on the Merchbar website. Merch alerts aren’t just beneficial for artists, the system can be just as vital for artists as well.

“Merch alerts are a huge opportunity for artists too. As social networks become more crowded with information, it becomes increasingly difficult for artists to share news with their fans,” Aten stated. He added,”By creating an easy, seamless way to alert fans to new merchandise, both fans and artists win.” Merchbar has raised over $1 million dollars in seed funding from investors including 500 Startups, Structure Capital, and Universal Music Group. The company was launched in 2014, and it was founded by Edward Aten and John Hecker.

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