Alexx Mack, ‘It feels so good to be bad because… well, no f***s are given’

Courtesy of Jared Thomas Kocka

Courtesy of Jared Thomas Kocka

Alexx Mack is a synth-pop princess who has fully embraced her wild side, a fact that is evident from the first stuttering beat of her current single “Bad.” Mack first started receiving attention as a musician back in 2013 with the assistance of Perez Hilton. In 2014, BMG approached Mack and signed her to their label. After the exciting news, Mack took some time to discover her unique “inner DIVA” before coming back with the addictively wild “Bad.” Mack’s roaring tribute to living life on the edge hit the internet at the beginning of 2015, and since then, she’s been promoting the track while gearing up to take things to the next level.

FDRMX had the opportunity to chat with Alexx Mack about “Bad,” upcoming performances, her growth as an artist, and the use of social media to interact with fans. We also chatted about inspirational women in her life, and Mack answered the question that I consider to be the most important; why does it feel so good to be bad? Read on to figure it all out!

One look at Alexx Mack and you know that she has fearlessly embraced the “bad” lifestyle. On the track’s single cover, you can feel the intensity of her gaze, even from behind a pair of sunglasses, as she covers her nude body with a fur jacket. The photo exudes a bad girl energy that is simply electric and is perfectly represented in the track, which Mack has described as an anthem for “girls who were on the sassier side, like myself.”

In the past, Mack has commented on the importance of recording “Bad” as a woman in a world where women aren’t expected to own their sexuality. Alexx Mack is a strong woman, and she is damn proud of it. When I asked her who influenced her to become this woman, Mack cited her mother as being “THE OG strong woman in my life,” going on to explain that “she went through some really tough life experiences and made her way out of them.” As a survivor, she imparted a similar mindset on her daughter. “As a young kid she always taught me to be strong and to just be myself. Whatever that may be. I was never taught to be afraid of my sexuality or to suppress it.” Beyond her mom, the eternally iconic Cher has played a huge influence on Mack’s style. “Her style is whatever she wants it to be. That’s how I roll!”

With such a powerful message embedded within such an addictive track, Mack explains that she knew she had a pop gem in her hands from the moment that she put the finishing touches on “Bad.” “I felt like I was part of something that was career-changing. And for me, it truly was,” she explained. What were her first thoughts as she put the finishing touches on it? “Shit, we did it!”

Writing “Bad” was truly a collaborative process for the singer-songwriter. When asked to explain the process, she outlined an exciting but unique journey towards the song’s creation. “The process for ‘Bad’ was really awesome and played out a little different than most songs I write. I usually am in the room for the process of building the track. This time, Chris Bernard (the producer and my co-writer) surprised me. It was awesome. It kind of felt like he was giving me this musical present. I came up with the concept and we started throwing around melody ideas. Our friend, Trey Campbell, came in about a week later and we top-lined the rest of it!“ From there, it was just about getting it out to the public. “All I want is for people to hear it, and to get honest feedback from my listeners – whether good or bad. Hahaha BAD … get it?”

A repeated element to “Bad” is the question “why does it feel so good to be bad,” and I simply HAD to know if Alexx Mack had a response to that question. She did, and her response is pure perfection. “It feels so good to be bad because… well, no f***s are given! And that’s the best.”

Fans of the track can expect a music video to be coming soon. Mack teased fans by describing the Stephen Garnett visual as “80s workout video meets American Apparel, meets hot sweaty mess!” Can we get that music video now Alexx?! Talk about perfection!

Now that the track is out there garnering plays, Mack is getting ready to take promotion to the next level with a series of performances, and she could not be more excited! “Performing gives me such a rush. There are no exact dates soon, but as soon as I know, they will be posted on my socials.” She went on to explain that she loves the energy from the audience, her band, and herself. “Performing my songs for people is the best high I could ever have,” she declared. Engery is the key word for any performance that Alexx Mack is involved with. When asked about pre-show rituals, she stressed the importance again. “I like to spend time with my band and connect with them before going out onstage. I think being connected with them and sharing energy is crucial for a good show.”

The last few years have been nothing but a whirlwind of energetic experiences for the musician. Mack moved to Los Angeles from her childhood home, and shortly after making the move, she attracted the attention of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. Impressed by her sound, Hilton posted several of Mack’s tracks on his website in 2013 and went on to premier the music video for her 2014 single “Sparxx.” Mack has nothing but good things to say about Hilton; “Perez was awesome for putting my name out there. I definitely gained some core fans that I love to death.” Beyond the core fans, the attention surrounding the “Sparxx” music video helped Mack procure her recording contract with BMG. Looking back, Mack comments that she has come a long way in the year since releasing “Sparxx.” “I’m much more confident with my sound and direction as an artist.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love SPARXX, and that process needed to happen in order for me to get to the place where I’m currently at.”

To this day, the internet and social media still plays a huge role in Mack’s career. The musician has accounts on all the large social media sites, where she frequently interacts with her fans. Whether she is sending them kisses for listening to her track, treating them to a Cappella renditions of “Bad” in parking lots, sharing behind-the-scenes pictures from the recording studio or video shoots, Mack always has something to share. “My social media is so important. Not only do I love sharing my music, I love interacting with my fans. I want to know what’s going on in their lives, and even how my music plays into it.” Social media will play a HUGE role in the coming months for Alexx Mack; “I’m really going to be using my socials to let people know about any upcoming shows, the release of my EP, and to get to know my fans better.”

Huge thanks to Alexx Mack for taking the time to chat with us! You can follow her on her official website as well as at Facebook or any of her other accounts to keep up to date with upcoming performances and release dates. Until then, head on over to YouTube and break it down to the exclusive audio for “Bad!”

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