Adam Lambert Talks New Music and Career Goals

Courtesy of Freddy Main via

Courtesy of Freddy Main via

Pop musician Adam Lambert is gearing up to release “Ghost Town,” the first single off his upcoming third studio album The Original High. The single isn’t scheduled to drop until April 21st, but Lambert has officially begun teasing fans with information regarding the sound and musical direction. He explained that “it establishes itself in a very earthy, vulnerable way and transforms into a hypnotic drama full of surreal imagery and set to a minimal yet massive drop house beat.” He went on to describe the hook as an earworm that is bound to end up stuck in your head. Earlier this week, Lambert teased a short sample of the instrumental track for “Ghost Track,” revealing that it does live up to his description.

The Original High will be Lambert’s first release under his new recording contract with Warner Bros Records. He recruited some big names for the album, including Max Martin and Shellback, both of whom are working as executive producers on the album. Although both Martin and Shellback are capable of producing bright bugglegum pop, Lambert has revealed that the album will stray from that formula in favor of “a darker, more grounded vibe” that does away with “camp and theatrics.” He went on to describe the vocals on the album as his most “tasteful, sophisticated work to date,” and declared that the release would be very personal to him.

In recent months, Adam Lambert has embarked upon an arena tour alongside the remaining members of Queen. While on the road, Lambert is filling the role of the band’s lead singer, a spot that was originally reserved for Freddie Mercury. The musician details the struggle of finding “a tricky balance between making them (the songs) my own, and keeping their original integrity.” While he has been embracing glam rock on the road with Queen, Lambert reaffirmed that his focus would be shifting to promoting The Original High and “Ghost Town.”

While the focus will be on Lambert’s music, Lambert has also addressed his status as a proponent of advancing gay rights in music and life in general. He has expressed a desire to make the word gay “less of a label, and more of just one of many great colors in the collective box of humanity.” As an openly gay man himself, Lambert has experienced the growth in acceptance from both the music industry as well as the world at large, explaining “we have entered a time with a much more level playing field.”

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