Minah: ‘I Am a Woman Too’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of 1theK via YouTube

Courtesy of 1theK via YouTube

On March 15th, Girl’s Day’s Minah embarked on a solo debut with the sexy but haunting release of “I Am a Woman Too.” The subject of the song is about a woman struggling with daily life after her love was being questioned by her partner.

The setting for the music video is an abandoned house with the rooms falling apart around Minah. Utilizing an abandoned house for the set allowed for different rooms to be used for the scenes, giving the video a consistent theme throughout. Minah starts out walking into a kitchen that has been destroyed by the passage of time; this scene is used throughout the video, but showing Minah sitting in different positions. She is seen sitting on the work-top and dining table, staring longingly into nothingness. The next set shown is a bedroom with a broken bed; Minah is shown looking upset while sitting on both the bed and floor.

The other four sets visited in the video are: a large room for the dance group shot, an abandoned over-grown bus stop, a display hall with mounted clocks, and the final set is of Minah laying in a light white box with two men on each end. The set with the wall mounted clocks and the over-grown bus stop can be linked to the section of translated lyrics: “The clock goes tick tock / Without knowing, I start waiting for you.” These lyrics and scene showcase Minah waiting for someone who is not appearing.

The video edit washes out the bright colors apart from the pops of red used for the kitchen set, making it look muted and a little depressive, which along with the theme of the song. To further highlight Minah’s maturity over the years, the stylists use minimal dark make-up and chic fashion choices, rather than going for the standard cute clothes and bright make-up that most K-Pop videos (with a love story theme) go for. The mature theme allows female listeners to connect with the emotions that Minah is projecting. She loses the man she loves because of uncertainty.

The track is an R&B ballad with a hint of dance track mixed together. The singing for the track is smooth throughout the video until after the 2:33 mark, where Minah delves into the high notes that she has become known for. The smooth and calm singing from Minah makes for a pleasant listen without being overwhelming.

For the choreography, Minah interacts occasionally with her back-up dancers; most notably at the beginning when she is following the male lead dancer while performing the dance routine. The lyrics, “You ask if I was happy that I met you? / If I really loved you?” and “Under this huge bed that’s bigger than that person / Why am I crying like a baby? / Why, why? / Why can’t I forget you? (I feel you girl),” create a link between the couple’s dance, the song and theme. This link gives the music video a consistency most Korean music videos lack.

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