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Last night in New York City, during Action Bronson’s release show for his latest album Mr. Wonderful, a fan rushed the stage interrupting the show; as a result, Bronson, who was promoting the release of his major label debut album, hurled the fan into the crowd. While the fan did not appear to be hurt, Bronson looked none too pleased. It seems to have become a bit of a routine for fans to climb on stage just for the sake of being thrown off. Last year at a concert in Baltimore, Bronson pushed fans into the crowd, threw them, and even lifted them over his head. Why, may you ask, does he do this, “It’s love. It’s a weird way of showing love, but it’s love.”

With antics like this, Bronson is getting quite the reputation as a performer. According to one concert goer, allegedly he once came on stage with baggies of weed and started tossing them into the crowd. At Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis in 2012, Bronson decided he needed a bathroom break. Instead of taking a short break, he continued rapping as he headed to the port-a-potty, rapped while inside of it, pausing only to state that “I’m taking a piss, hold on,” then continues with the song as he heads back to the stage. He’s left while performing private parties to grab a snack from the host’s house, and even rapped from a club bathroom. In a recent interview, when asked about his unusual stage presence, Bronson had this to say: “Something new happens every show. I don’t have a script and that’s why people come.”

Bronson, who’s been nominated for two BET Hip Hop awards, was once a respected New York City chef with his own cooking show, who rapped solely as a hobby. It was only after he broke his leg, did he begin to take his music more seriously. In the last four years, Bronson has released three studio albums and three mixtapes. He has toured with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and 360. He performed at Coachella and collaborated with the likes of Meyhem Lauren, Raekwon, Wiz Khalifa, Party Supplies, Big Body Bes, Chauncy Sherod, Chance the Rapper, The Alchemist, and Prodigy.

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