Be-Boys – Je Dois Lui Dire / Should I Tell Him

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Be-Boys are back with another video entitled “Je Dois Lui Dire,” which translates to “Should I Tell Him.” A fast-paced footage of a highway begins the video off. Another clip is laid on top of a woman’s silhouette dancing. The next scene is of a sad-looking man driving through a cemetery. Clips of the woman dancing and the male character crying take turns in this depressing, yet beautiful French music video. We can assume that there has been a car accident as footage of a firefighter extinguishing the flames from a car is portrayed throughout. Using dark colors in the production, the music video gives off a depressing feeling, one that can be empathized with the character who’s lost his loved one. The music (composed by Xavier Boscher) is much softer than the alternative rock composition that is seen and heard in their previous video called “Game Over.” Just like in “Game Over,” the lyrics (written by Jean Charles Desmoulins) in “Je Dois Lui Dire” speak of loss, fear and heartbreak.

Music video for “Je Dois Lui Dire” performed by Be-Boys
Music by Xavier Boscher
Lyrics by Jean Charles Desmoulins

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