Chris Adler to Play Drums on New Megadeth Album

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Today Megadeth announced that Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler will be playing drums on the new Megadeth album as a “guest” musician. The news comes amidst months of intense speculation as to who would be joining Megadeth as they geared up to record a new album. The band also said that they would be recording the album as a three piece band.

Ever since drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick announced their departures from the band in late November last year, a host of famous musicians had been linked with the vacant guitarist’s and drummer’s positions at Megadeth. However, the band put an end to all speculation and announced that Chris Adler would be joining them on their new album as a guest musician. A few days earlier, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and the Lamb Of God drummer had been seen having a taco date together which led to rumours that Adler might appear on the new ‘Deth album. The band confirmed that the rumours were true by releasing a statement.

Bassist Dave Ellefson was happy to have such a talented musician on board and said that “Chris has been an endearing friend to us in Megadeth for many years now, and he truly appreciates our music and its legacy. His drumming has forged such an innovative and ferocious path for metal music and I’m very proud that he is anchoring our rhythm section with us on this new album.” The band did not give any information about permanent replacements for Broderick and Drover.

The band also said that they would be recording the new album as a 3 piece as Mustaine added, “Back in 1989, Megadeth originally worked as a three piece – guitar, bass and drums – when we laid down the framework to our GRAMMY® nominated platinum album ‘Rust In Peace’. I want to thank the other members of Lamb Of God for allowing this opportunity to take place for all of us in the metal community.” It seems like Chris Adler will be playing a role similar to the one he did with Protest The Hero back in August 2013- he played the drums on their album Volition but left the touring duties to another drummer. He will remain with Lamb Of God and will return to the band once his recording duties with Megadeth are over.

Adler is one of the most well respected and acclaimed drummers in metal today and his work with Lamb Of God has gained him plenty of accolades. He will have a tough job to do though as Megadeth’s last album Super Collider was critically panned by both fans and critics alike and had dismal sales.

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