Top 5 Reasons the Hillsong Movie Will Be Epic

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

One Direction have more released than I count on one hand, Bieber has two, and even Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers had their own Disney 3D versions back in the day. Movies seem to be the next logical step for most artists, and whether it’s the cliché fun of 90’s hits like Spice World or the recent Backstreet Boys movie, loyal fans flock to them.

So who’s next on the list? Well, you’re never going to believe this…but it’s a church band. Really, I’m not kidding. Maybe you’ve heard of them? They go by the name Hillsong, they originated in Australia, and overall they have sold over 16 million albums worldwide. In other words, it’s time they have a movie. To the delight of churchies everywhere (and some curious onlookers who love good music), the Hillsong movie titled Let Hope Rise, is coming to theatres very soon. And while I haven’t seen it yet, there are some details about its upcoming release that have me very excited. Here are five reasons I think Hillsong- Let Hope Rise is going to be epic.

Number Five: They’re Australian. As an Aussie I can take or leave our iconic accent, but foreigners eat it up! The Hillsong movie will show a year in the life of the Hillsong UNITED band, so you will get a taste of Aussie culture; the way we talk, how we think and even our way of life. I beg of you, please don’t assume this will be a Crocodile Dundee experience! I doubt there will be the wrestling of crocodiles in this, but I can guarantee you some authentic Australian accents and displays of mateship that the rest of the world seems to crave from us.

Number Four: Taya Smith. In a band of 11, Taya Smith is the only girl, and she has risen in Hillsong’s ranks to lead worship beside the likes of Joel Houston. She’s young, she’s got her own unique sense of style, and she can skateboard with the best of them. As a member of the team, Taya’s role in this movie will be integral to the doco- style nature of the film. And if you haven’t heard her before, just you wait to hear her voice-it will give you goosebumps.

Number Three: The director. Early on, I made the assumption that this film was entirely church based. It’s not. In fact, it was directed by Michael John Warren, the gentleman who directed Jay Z’s Fade to Black and Nicki Minaj’s My Time Again. This isn’t going to be some feel-good, low quality flick purely designed to sell tickets in the Bible belt. Warren admits to not being a Christian, which gives us reason to expect Let Hope Rise will be shown through a contemporary and secular lense. That being said, the faith based element to this flick will be integral, hopefully in a genuine and really authentic way.

Number Two: The story so far. The story behind Hillsong’s rise to success is something that has caused wide speculation over the years.  Having released music since 2000, the UNITED band has gone through many members, written some iconic songs, and has molded church culture and the face of Christian music. For the first time, we will learn about what it’s like to be ‘Hillsong,’ the pressure they feel, and why they truly do what they do.

Number One: The music. There are no two ways about it; Hillsong knows how to put on a show. That’s not to say they lack authenticity, but there is a reason people flock to their concerts, and it’s because they are good at what they do. Not only do they create top notch music, but they sing and play it with a confidence, beauty and ease that will capture your imagination. Having seen these guys live in years past, there is something really special about them. It will make you feel deeply, it will move you, and it will capture your spirit. As Warren says on the official website, “They are trying to get people to discover Jesus,” and in Hillsong- Let Hope Rise we will finally get to see the story in its entirety.

FDRMX Eyes: Also from down under is the punk rock band Bleeding Knees Club. Check out their music video for “Teenage Girls” below.

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