El-P Shares Clean Version of ‘Run the Jewels 2’

Courtesy of networka.com

Courtesy of networka.com

It’s no secret that the sophomore album from hip-hop duo Run the Jewels (comprised of rappers El-P and Killer Mike) was one of last year’s most lauded music releases. Run the Jewels 2 topped many best-of-the-year lists, and music critics almost unanimously bestowed on it the honor of being called 2014’s best hip-hop album. Despite all this rampant critical acclaim and fan approval, there was at least one problem with the album: it wasn’t exactly good music to play while your kids were around.

Filled with profanity, violent imagery, and some of the most inventive sexual slang this side of 2 Live Crew, Run the Jewels 2 certainly wasn’t a release concerned with radio play (case in point that the album was also made available as a free download), but now you have the opportunity to listen to a squeaky clean version of the record. While on the group’s first album, El-P even rapped that “Run the Jewels is not for your children.” The rapper has just tweeted a link to download an edited version of the album that removes all of the profanity. Edited by DJ Trackstar, the group’s tour DJ, the album is available for download through mediafire.com. El-P followed up this tweet by posting this subsequent one:

El-P Shares Clean Version of Run the Jewels 2 Twitter - FDRMX

He’s also retweeting posts from people who claim that they will be playing this “safe” version at high school parties, and radio shows that don’t allow cursing. Both El-P and Killer Mike have proven to be very busy so far this year, and have promised numerous new releases in the months to come. In addition to their official third album as Run the Jewels, the duo will be putting out a remix edition of Run the Jewels 2 which will have all the music replaced with cat sounds (appropriately titled Meow the Jewels). They also just released a music video for the song “Close Your Eyes (and Count to F***),” and also revealed through Instagram that they were in the studio with legendary trip-hop group Massive Attack.

FDRMX Eyes: Sahara Beck is an indie singer-songwriter from Australia. The young artist has released a music video last year, which is titled “Pretender.”

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