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Courtesy of B. Rudisill via

Courtesy of B. Rudisill via

In the wake of news of Zayn Malik’s departure from UK boy band One Direction, fellow musicians are still coming to grips with the fracture and sharing their thoughts regarding the decision. The newest celebrities to chime in are fellow group Fifth Harmony, and they are “saddened” by the news. Other celebrities to have commented on the news include Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, and Keith Urban.

Individual members of Fifth Harmony shared their thoughts regarding the group’s breakup and their decisions to carry on as a foursome despite Malik’s departure. Camila Cabello referred to the situation as “the end of an era,” while fellow member Lauren Jauregui ensured that they supported Malik’s decision: “One Direciton was a huge phenomenon, but we definitely 100 percent respect Zayn and his decision because health and happiness comes first, always.” The girls also commented that no one would be able to replace Malik in the ranks, with Cabello pointing out that “One Direction will always be One Direction.”

There are a multitude of parallels that can be drawn between Fifth Harmony and One Direction. Simon Cowell formed both groups from a collection of individual X Factor contestants. With their bright demeanors and positive attitudes, both groups rapidly developed a following and have been well received by the general public. One Direction’s huge successes as a boy band also contributed to the later creation of groups such as Fifth Harmony.

Although One Direction has fractured, Fifth Harmony maintains their sisterly bond. The girls released their newest music video for their single “Worth It” in the moments before the Nick Jonas-hosted Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards aired on March 28th. Fifth Harmony is currently on their Reflection Tour in support of their debut album Reflection.

Late last night producer Naughty Boy released a teaser of solo material that he had been working on with Zayn Malik. The song, an emotional ballad titled “I Won’t Mind,” hit the internet mere hours after Naughty Boy was involved in a Twitter beef with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. Although the remaining members of the band are upset by Malik’s departure, they have continued on their tour and are beginning to prepare to return to the recording studio for new music. It is unclear how either Malik’s solo material or One Direction’s future endeavors will proceed in the wake of this news.

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