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Courtesy of rollingstone.com

Courtesy of rollingstone.com

As part of Jimmy Page’s continuation of re-mastered Led Zeppelin albums, a promotional video has been released today for a Brandy & Coke version of their single “Trampled Under Foot,” off of their 1975 double album, Physical Graffiti. This video allows fans to pick the windows of the building depicted on the album cover, answering the question thousands of fans have been asking since the album’s release forty years ago: what is going on inside the building on the album cover?

This adventure takes fans through sixteen different scenes. These scenes range from footage of the band playing at Earls Court, audiences from the 1975 tour, as well as an audience in a movie theater watching a lyric video for the song, and the stage set up for the 1975 tour. Others contain animation, paying homage to the artwork in each window of the original album cover. Other windows provide a rather voyeuristic look into the fictitious apartments at a couple making out, boy lip-synching in his room to the song, girls dancing on a bed, and children watching the band on TV to more surreal scenes like a man with a patch over one eye driving a car and the controls of a space ship.

After accessing the video through the band’s site, it is navigated using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The footage changes each time the viewer returns to the particular window for the duration of the song. Along with the various bits of footage, each scene has surprises that pop up in each of the sixteen windows. The newly filmed footage is shot with a filter to give a retro look that blends in with the films from the ’70’s. In order to see all the footage, the video must be watched several times and by clicking on a different sequence of windows than the ones previously watched. Along with this new version of “Trampled Under Foot,” the re-mastered Physical Graffiti comes with an extra disc of bonus material such as outtakes and alternate mixes. As Page continues to farm out the band’s catalog in chronological order, expect later this year to see versions of Presence and In Through the Out Door.

FDRMX Eyes: Ottawa is a rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. They recently released a music video entitled “Fever.” “Fever” was filmed at the Bad Racket Recording Studio.

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