Actor David Duchovny to Release First Album

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David Duchovny is releasing his debut album, Hell or Highwater, on May 12th. “Making this record is a dream come true, but I never had this dream. It’s still a shock when I think about how all this music happened,” the actor revealed in a statement. He continued, “What I do know is that I feel these songs represent the truest expression that I’ve ever been able to achieve, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.” 

Duchovny compared his music to the likes of R.E.M, although the actor was quick to clarify that he could only wish his music sounds as good as R.E.M. The actor began playing the guitar a few years ago, and he soon fell in love with making music. “It’s just been a real pleasure in my life, regardless of who buys it and what people think of it. It’s been a lifesaver just to be able to play music, write songs, and think about singing songs to my friends,” Duchovny revealed to Rolling Stone magazine. 

Even with his new ventures in music, Duchovny hasn’t abandoned his acting career. The actor is returning to the small screen to film six episodes of The X-Files, alongside actress Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter (X-Files creator). Duchovny and Anderson will reprise the roles of the two characters that made them household names, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The filming for the limited episodes will began this summer. The X-Files aired on the Fox network from 1993 through 2002, becoming the longest-running science fiction series in television history. “I think of it as a thirteen year commercial break. The good news is, the world has gotten that much stranger, and it’s a perfect time to tell these six stories,” the actor said during a Fox press junket. 

Duchovny was nominated for numerous awards for his work on The X-Files, which included several Golden Globe and Emmy Awards nominations. In 1997, Duchovny won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama. Fox has not revealed when the new X-Files episodes will air, but the network executives did state they are looking forward to recreating the magic from the show.

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