DJ Paris Hilton Receives Las Vegas Residency

Courtesy of Terry Richardson
Courtesy of Terry Richardson

Paris Hilton has hung up her socialite title for a DJ career, which includes a record deal with Cash Money and an upcoming Las Vegas residency deal. Although the DJ is ecstatic about her DJing gig, not everyone shares her enthusiasm. Hilton will be performing at Summerfest in Milwaukee, and there is a petition online which is aiming to get her removed from the artist lineup. The petition states Hilton is just a “spoiled celebrity” who is DJing because she’s bored. The first day the petition was posted online, it received over 4,000 signatures within hours. Hilton said she’s not concerned with all the hate, and she believes the criticism she has received is misguided. 

Hilton maintains that she is taking her DJ career very seriously, despite all of the misconceptions. “There are so many rumors out there. People who think that I don’t play live. There are so many haters that make up so many stories,” Hilton told Billboard magazine. She added, “Anybody who comes and sees a show and watches behind the booth will see I know exactly what I’m doing. I’ve been training so hard for the past five years. I think I’ve improved myself.” Hilton said people still assume she’s just a “rich girl,” but she contends she has been going to raves since she was a teenager. “I love having a good time and having people around me have a great time. I feel like DJing is kind of perfect for what I do,” Hilton said to Billboard

Many music outlets reported that Hilton had referred to herself as a Top 5 DJ, but Hilton said she was misquoted. She stated that she was asked if DJing was a lucrative business for her, and she responded that she is currently one of the Top 5 paid DJs. “I would never compare myself with people like Tiesto and DJs who have been in the scene for so many years. I’m very new to it. It’s been five years now, so I would never say that,” Hilton told Billboard. Hilton could not reveal what nightclubs her Las Vegas residency will be held at because of contractual reasons. For now, she is continuing her Atlantic City residency at Amnesia Ibiza and Harrah’s Atlantic City nightclubs.

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