Blame it on Sean – Core

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Blame it on Sean presents us with an ambient music video entitled “Core.” The video begins with the twinkling night sky gradually becoming the back of a man’s head. The man fights boredom and misery in front of an old computer, where he is found indoors and mostly out on an open field. Our protagonist is on the verge of exploding, trying to remove himself from the typical daily work routine. It is evident in his facial expressions, the overlay of a footage of a train as if it was running over him, and the lyrics. The multi-genre trio draw inspiration from their hometown of Reston, Virginia. Coming from the suburbs, open fields, and strip malls, members Ben Tatman, Justin Cipriano, and Sean Tatman have a love-hate relationship with the place they grew up in. While “Core” is categorized under electronica, their influences range from Johnny Cash to Tool, which explains their wide range of music.