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Kendrick Lamar continues to reveal “behind-the-scenes” information regarding his To Pimp a Butterfly project. The rapper just revealed to WQHT’s Hot 97 that he and Prince recorded a song together. Lamar was a part of Prince’s Paisley Park Yahoo! live stream last year, and the two artists decided to go into the recording studio. 

Due to time constraints, Lamar and Prince didn’t have time to complete the song, but the rapper said it was a great learning experience. “We was vibing but we was pressed. I didn’t trip over getting a song done. I really appreciate the actual game he was giving me,” Lamar told Hot 97. He added, “He took control of his music. He was breaking down some things that I need to consider in my career. What Jay Z is doing is just confirmation from what Prince was telling me.” 

A few days ago, Lamar told MTV that the original title for To Pimp a Butterfly was Tu Pimp a Caterpillar. The album title was his way of paying homage to rapper Tupac Shakur. “That was the original name and they caught it because the abbreviation was Tupac, Tu-P-A-C,” Lamar explained. He revealed that he changed the title to “butterfly,” as an effort to show the brightness of life, and the word “pimp” represented aggression. “Another reason [I used pimp] is not being pimped by the industry through my celebrity,” the rapper told MTV. 

Despite not using the Tupac title, Lamar still found a way to pay respects to the late rapper. Lamar recreated a 1994 Tupac Shakur interview, and made it appear as if Lamar and Shakur were conversing. The conversation is featured on the song “Mortal Man,” from his To Pimp a Butterfly album. 

Last week, Kendrick Lamar became only the second rapper to top the Billboard Artist 100 chart; Drake was the first rapper to top the chart. Lamar soared to the Number 1 spot on the Artist 100, after his To Pimp a Butterfly project entered the Billboard 200 Albums chart at Number 1. The album has sold over 300,000 copies, and it is led by the singles “i,” “The Blacker The Berry,” and “King Kunta.” The music video for “King Kunta” was recently filmed in Lamar’s hometown of Compton, California. 

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