Azealia Banks: ‘I’m Not Here to be Your Idol’

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Azealia Banks released her album Broke With Expensive Taste last year. The project reached Number 30 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, and it charted at Number 2 in Australia. While Broke With Expensive Taste has been deemed an impressive success for an independent album, Banks doesn’t hesitate calling the project “better than anything y’all bitches did in the last 10 years.” Banks never hesitates to say how she feels, and her aggressive attitude has gained her a lot of fans and haters. “I’m not here to be your idol because I’m probably going to do some f***ed up shit,” the rapper told Billboard magazine. 

Banks uses social media as a platform in order to address issues she feels strongly about, and she sometimes uses the platform just to irritate her fellow musicians (most notably Lil Kim, Iggy Azalea, T.I., Rita Ora, and Nicki Minaj). Banks’ Twitter feud with Iggy Azalea seemed like it was never-ending, until Iggy Azalea finally threw in the towel. When Banks was asked about Azalea during her Billboard interview, the rapper decided to throw another jab at Azalea by saying “she just sucks.” 

Banks’ controversial ways sometimes overshadows how she single-handedly funded her own rap career, and made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry. After losing her record deal with XL Recordings, Banks used her own money in order to release her single “212.” The rapper recorded the song in a friend’s bedroom, and she filmed a low-budget music video for the single. “212” became an instant hit online, by selling over 250,000 digital copies. The rapper accredits the song’s success to her understanding of how essential the Internet is. “I’m from the Internet age. I got on Twitter when I was 16. I had f***ing Napster when Napster came out,” Banks told Billboard

The rapper stated that she can’t worry what others think about her because it would eventually just drive her crazy. “There was a point where I was questioning everything,” Banks stated. The rapper said she had to regain control, and not be afraid to be who she is. “I don’t turn to anyone for advice. I do what I want,” she said. Remaining true to “doing what she wants” is the reason Banks decided to pose nude for Playboy magazine. The rapper is featured on the cover of the magazine as well, which hit newsstands last month. 

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