Beyonce Releases New Song on Wedding Anniversary

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Beyonce released a new song entitled “Die With You,” on her seventh year anniversary to rap mogul Jay Z. The ballad was dropped on her husband’s music streaming service TIDAL. The pop-R&B goddess also released a music video to accompany “Die With You.” The music video is also available for streaming on TIDAL.

Jay Z’s new streaming service has been the talk of the music industry. The launch of TIDAL has been supported by the industry’s biggest and most powerful stars including Beyonce, Madonna, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Usher, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and several others.

Jay Z’s TIDAL purchase became official last month, and the company boastfully states that it streams at a higher quality rate than any of its music streaming competitors. The rap mogul’s plan is to become the largest streaming company, and his objective is to ensure artists, producers, and songwriters are properly compensated for their work. TIDAL charges its members a fee of $19.99 a month, or the option to pay $9.99 a month for low-quality streaming. The rapper believes not having the option of free streaming will enable TIDAL to pay its artists, producers, and songwriters a bigger payout rate than its competitors.

Most streaming companies offer consumers two options; a paid membership or a free membership. Paid memberships typically cost members $9.99 a month, which enables listeners to stream music without commercial interruption. The downside of free memberships are the commercial interruptions and the listeners cannot stream music without a wifi connection.

TIDAL has a library of more than 25 million songs, 70,000 music videos, and it’s accessible through an app for tablets, web player, iOS, and Android phones. The streaming service is now a part of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom service. Music Freedom allows listeners to stream music without being charged for data on their cell phone. The service is not just limited to T-Mobile customers, although the consumers cannot use Music Freedom on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, or several other music streaming companies.

TIDAL plans on capitalizing on the fact that it is one of the few music streaming companies that have partnered with T-Mobile. While some consumers have argued that it’s pointless to pay for TIDAL when other companies are free, Jay Z is hoping not having to pay data charges will prove to be a valid enough reason to pay the flat rate of $9.99 or $19.99 a month for TIDAL.

FDRMX Eyes: Nick Deutsch is a singer-songwriter based in New York. Deutsch recently revealed his latest music video for the song, “Crazy Ride.”

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