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There is nearly nothing in rap music that is as sexy as a female rapper. There is something so captivating about a female that can lay proper rhymes, lyrics and flow onto a beat. The industry does not have too many of these, and the pleasure of finding one is incomparable. Rap music and hip hop as a genre is commonly perceived as a thing for men. It is deep and hardcore, traits uncommon with women. Therefore, when a woman steps up and meets the standards to be able to compete on the same stage as the men, she is not an ordinary woman. Honey The Hippie is one of those women.

Honey The Hippie is an impressive female rapper that I discovered recently. Her stage name is derived from her real name, Oyinkansola, which means “sweet like honey” in Yoruba. Honey was born in Detroit, raised in central Florida and she currently lives in Houston, Texas. She is unsigned but has two major music projects to her name.

Her musical journey is not an ordinary story. This young female rapper started off as an innocent child writing poetry. She did not know the power her gift of words had. She had competed in a couple of national poetry competitions winning some since she was 12 years old. The realization of how good she was at writing poetry pushed her into writing rap songs. At the age of 16, she took her music writing to another level, she started writing her raps to instrumentals of hit songs and all this was for her own amusement. One can say she did this as a hobby.

When she finally decided to share her music with the world, she took to one of the most popular platforms for sharing talent, YouTube. In 2011, she shared her first recorded freestyle on YouTube and it was well received. She earned herself recognition from fans who were impressed by the level of skill the teenager had. It got over half a million views and she was on her way to creating a name for herself. She drew her inspiration from Kanye West, Andre 3000, Tupac and Lauryn Hill among others.

In 2013, she released her first major project a mixtape titled Peace of Mind. This mixtape debuted worldwide of Datpiff in June and it landed under the category of “most popular mixtapes.” Her most recent project is another mixtape titled Wonderland. Honey The Hippie on this mixtape displayed a smashing level of maturity, lyrics, flow and presentation. Honey has grown and the growth is visible when you compare Wonderland to Peace of Mind. She knows how to properly convey her lyrics to tell a compelling story and keep the listener entertained. The mixtape contains 7 very well delivered songs.

The songs off this mixtape tell stories of real situations affecting real people. She mainly tells stories that sound personal. The interesting thing about her music is the honesty in the lyrics. When they say “hip hop is dead,” what I have come to believe they mean is the message has been diluted too much it’s hardly relatable.

“90’s Kids” is probably the best song on the mixtape. On this song she was on top of her game. She brought out her sharpest sword and walked into the booth and did not come out till the beat was slain. She displays a very confident level of dominance on this song. Her flow is flawlessly delivered and the lyrics were catchy, a great quality that should have been employed on the rest of the songs. Honey has the right aggression for when a song calls for it and the right composure for when it’s required as well.

What Honey The Hippie needs is for the right label to pick her up. She undoubtedly will be an asset to any camp that decides to employ her great skills. Under proper mentorship, Honey The Hippie will surely explode and dominate this industry that lacks as many female emcees. With the way she is pushing her career without any major signing, if she landed a big deal she would be unstoppable. It is not an overstatement to say that she is the next big thing in female hip hop. With such skill and potential, it is only a matter of time.

However, now we look at the other side of her coin. She could use a little bit more diversity in her music. As much as she keeps it true and delivers music that narrates real life situations, main stream music does not always highly recognize such music. She needs to be more diverse and expand her topics if her music is going to appeal to an even larger audience.

Otherwise, she is one hell of a gifted rapper and we all need to keep her on our watch list. She is a female rapper with real talent. She draws her inspiration from reality and for this we can be assured she will always have things to rap about. Her latest project, Wonderland, is an astounding creation that has music that’s worth a try. She is coming in hot and competition better be ready.

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